Map of Treasure Island

Wild Swan‘s Treasure Island is almost upon us!  Next week, Jim Hawkins goes on the adventure of a lifetime across the sea to Treasure Island.  No swashbuckling tale would be complete without good and evil (or sometimes evil and evil) battling it out for an epic win. To help theContinue Reading

Allison Kochanski rehearsing for Bells Are Ringing.

TerpTheatre typically rehearses for a show for about 5 weeks before the performance.  Hundreds of hours are spent at the theatre and at home, translating lines from English to ASL, memorizing those lines, and then working with the actors on how move with them throughout the production. Here is aContinue Reading

Close-up of Jamie Fidler's Eye

One of the things that hearing people don’t know about ASL [ American Sign Language ] is that names aren’t generally spelled each time.  Most membersof the Deaf community have ‘sign names‘ – unique signs that identify an individual.  Each sign name is really specific to one person.  This means thatContinue Reading

Close-up of Bells Are Ringing costume pieces.

Have you ever heard the expression, “It takes a village”?  Well, it takes at least a neighborhood to put costumes on the cast of Bells Are Ringing. Most people who go to see a play or musical the size of Bells would be shocked to find out how many peopleContinue Reading

Karen Sheridan

Here is a picture of me. I look very conservative. What’s up with that?!  Danny probably doesn’t even recognize this woman!  (Actually I’m duct-taped to the chair.) But, despite anything TerpTheatre may say about me, I am delighted to be celebrating the beginning of our 13th year of collaboration!  The first show was Children ofContinue Reading

Video still showing Danny McDougall in mid-sign, with an inset image of the production of Company at Oakland University

This video shows the translation for the song, ‘Sorry-Grateful,’ from Company.  The inset shows the performance version, with blocking. httpvh:// Danny McDougallDanny McDougall, PhD, CSC — “Dr. Danny” — owns and manages TerpTheatre. Since 1986, he has interpreted in hundreds of plays, musicals and other performances on stage – mostContinue Reading